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Bordered by Burma, The People’s Republic Choice of China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Laos really is the highlight of South East Asia.

Here in Laos, Buddhism is in every facet of life. The pace is slow, the people are beautiful and the land spectacular. It truly is a place that will replenish your soul.

There are 3 seasons, the Dry season from November to March, the Hot season from March to May and the Wet season from May to October and travelling can be done in any of these.

The food is delicious, being Thai it can be very spicy and is usually with lots of fresh herbs and veggies, and more often bitter than sweet. Sticky rice is generally had and eaten with the hands. The national drink is the refreshing Laos beer and Laos coffee is said to be some of the best in the world.

The Mekong Valley is the main tourist destination and accommodation is readily available, however if you want a truly unique experience, heading off the beaten track is a must.

This is a country to respect, respect the political ways and respect the people. Never enter into areas where there may be land mines – unfortunately Laos was the most bombed country in the Vietnam War, areas of particular concern are on the Vietnam Border.
Enjoy the laid back pace that is Laos, it really is very special!