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Vietnam, a truly magical part of the world, is a holiday favourite for both the luxury traveller and the backpacker adventurist. Bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

It has retained its humble nature and colourful character through times of war and has now become one of the most magical of holiday destinations in South East Asia.

Buddhism is the most widely practised religion of Vietnam and the country offers many ancient sites and scattered architecture stemming from Polynesian & Chinese influences, dating back as far as 4000 years.
Whether it is the culinary delights of the insatiable Vietnamese cooking, the bustling city of Saigon (commonly known as Ho Chi Minh City), or the sweet smile from beneath a conical hat working humbly in the fields of Northern Vietnam, this country will take you to places of beauty and amazement from north to south.